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Gift List Poems

It is becoming increasingly common for brides and grooms to request money as a gift from their guests rather than having a traditional gift list.  We are often asked about 'the best way to ask' for cash without offending, so we've put together a list of our favourite poems which are a lovely way to communicate your wishes with your guests.

Enjoy! xx

A poem asking for money

We’ve been together for a couple of years now;
We have pots and pans and linen and towels;
We have glasses and toasters, really quite a few;
So instead of more gifts, we suggest this to you;

If it doesn’t offend and it won’t send you running;
What we would really appreciate is quite simply money;
We know choosing gifts can be such a pain;
And this way there is no chance of bringing the same!

Wishing Well

More than kisses so far we've shared
Our home has been made with love and care
Most things we need we've already got
Like a toaster and kettle, pans and pots

A Wishing Well we thought would be great
(But only if you wish to participate)
A gift of money is placed in the well
Then make a wish...but do not tell

Once we've replaced the old with the new
We can look back and say it was thanks to you!
And in return for your kindness we're sure
That one day soon, you'll get what you wished for!

Surprise gift or money

If you were thinking of giving a gift, to help us on our way.
A gift of cash towards our house, would really make our day.
However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own way

Honeymoon contributions - Option 1

We haven’t got a wedding list, The reason we’ll explain,
It’s to save you all the hassle, As shopping is a pain.

We’ve lived together for quite a while, And all our bills are paid,
We’ve got our plates, pots and pans, Our plans have all been made.

We would appreciate a little help though, To send us on our way,
And allow us to have our honeymoon, In a country far away.

So if you’d like to give a gift, To help us celebrate,
Some money towards our honeymoon, We really would appreciate

Honeymoon contributions - Option 2

The date has been set and we’d love you to come,
To our wedding in (place name), a long way for some,
All you must do, is decide what to wear,
Then polish your jewellery and comb up your hair.

Don’t worry about gifts, don’t buy us a yacht,
The things that we need, we’ve already got.
Our home is quite compact, we may have to move
Then our storage and space will surely improve.

Don’t go out shopping or get yourself stressed,
Don’t alter your plans for a pre wedding rest.
If you want to be generous, despite what we’ve said,
Then save all the hassle and do this instead…..

Don’t know how to word this but will give it our best shot..
Contributions are most welcome, we’ll go somewhere hot!
A honeymoon would be marvelous, to start off our life,
In our long winding journey, as new husband and wife!

Honeymoon contributions - Option 3

We are sending out this invitation
In hope you’ll join our celebration

But if a gift is your intention
We’ll take this opportunity to mention

We have already got a kettle and toaster
crockery, dinner mats, and matching coasters

So rather than something we have already got
We would appreciate money for our honeymoon pot

But most importantly we request
That you come to our wedding as our guest

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